Research students' Dinner Dec. 2017

Dinner with my research students – Dec. 2017 (photo credit: Shashika Muramudalige)

Current Students

  1. Tiantong Wu, PhD, University of Sydney (co-supervisor)
  2. Charles Zhang, PhD, UNSW (co-supervisor)
  3. Chanuka Wijayakoon, PhD, RMIT/DFCRC (co-supervisor)
  4. Binod Karunanayake, PhD, RMIT/DFCRC (co-supervisor)
  5. Thisal De Silva, PhD, MQ/DFCRC (co-supervisor)
  6. Arwa Mohammed A Najd, UoN/DFCRC (co-supervisor)
  7. Manohari Kelanibandara, PhD, UoM (co-supervisor, part-time)


Graduate Students
  1. Jeeva Padmini, PhD, UoM (co-supervisor, 2022) – Thesis title: Raban – A Software Implementation Process for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Projects
  2. Hasitha Adikari, MSc by research, UoM (2021) – Thesis title: An Automated Framework for Precipitation-Related Decision Making
  3. Gihan Karunarathne, MSc by research, UoM (2020) – Thesis title: Weather Data Integration and Assimilation System
  4. Aravindi Lavanya Samarakkody, MSc by research, UoM (co-supervisor, 2020) – Thesis title: Performance Measurement for the Development of Emerging Smart Cities: The Case of Sri Lanka
  5. Akila Adikari, MSc, UoM (part-time, 2020) – Thesis title: A Container-Based Platform for Multi-Cloud Application Orchestration
  6. Dilini Kariyawasam, MBA in IT, UoM (part-time, 2020) – Thesis title: Factors Affecting Slow Adoption of NFC-enabled Payment Services: Sri Lankan Consumers’ and Service Providers’ Perspective
  7. Lakshika Paiva, MBA in IT (part-time, 2019) – Thesis title: Business Model Framework for Internet of Things Startups in Sri Lanka
  8. Achala Meddegama, MBA in IT (part-time, 2019) – Thesis title: Leveraging Social Media Platforms for Social Entrepreneurship
  9. W. Eranda Welgama, MSc (part-time, 2019) – Thesis title: An Empirical Model to Estimate IT Service Outage Costs
  10. P.H.S. Suneth Ekanayake, MSc (part-time, 2019) – Thesis title: Demographic Attributes Based, Cold-Start Recommendation of Modules in Organizational Learning
  11. Hashani Navarathna, MBA in IT (part-time, 2019) – Thesis title: Identifying the Factors Affecting the Adoption of E-Commerce in Sri Lanka: Internet Users’ Perspective
  12. Mohamed Rilfi, MSc by research (part-time, co-supervisor, 2019) – Thesis title: Real-Time C2C Matching of Social Media Messages
  13. Lasitha Petthawadu, MSc (part-time, 2019) – Thesis title: Cognitive Platform for Detection of Anomalies in IoT Environments
  14. Daham Pathiraja, MSc (part-time, 2019) – Thesis title: Workload, Resource, and Price Aware Proactive Auto-Scalar for Dynamically-Priced Virtual Machines
  15. Sinthuja Suhothayan, MSc (part-time, co-supervisor, 2019) – Thesis title: Complex Event Processing Over Out-of-Order Event Streams
  16. Suhothayan Sriskandarajah, MSc (part-time, co-supervisor, 2019) – Thesis title: Scatter-Gather Based Approach in Scaling Complex Event Processing Systems for Stateful Operators
  17. Biman Hettiarachchi, MSc by research (co-supervisor, 2018) – Thesis title: Optimization Of Ready-Mixed Concrete Truck Scheduling Using Metaheuristic Approaches
  18. Chami Keerthisinghe, MSc by research (co-supervisor, 2018) – Thesis title: Schedule Optimization of Freight Vehicle Fleet Using Data Analytics
  19. Sandareka Wickramanayake, MSc by research (co-supervisor, 2018) – Thesis title: Modeling and Enhancing Fuel Economy of Fleet Vehicles Based on Data Analytics
  20. Shashika Muramudalige, MSc by research (co-supervisor, 2018) – Thesis title: Simulated Annealing Based Optimized Driver Scheduling for Vehicle Delivery
  21. Harsha Jude Perera, MSc (part-time, 2018) – Thesis title: Geographic Validity Aware Content Retention in Vehicular Networks
  22. Umesha Herath, MBA in IT (part-time, 2018) – Thesis title: Critical Success Factors for Self-Driven Marketing on Social Media: A Case Study of the Sri Lankan Boutique Hotel Industry
  23. Shanaka Niranjan, MBA (part-time, 2018) – Thesis title: Impact of Enterprise Social Networking Adoption Practices on Employee Performance in Sri Lankan Software Industry
  24. Ansumala Kumarage, MBA in IT (part-time, 2018) – Thesis title: Customer Acceptance of Usage-Based Motor Insurance Policies in Sri Lanka
  25. Shazmin Marikar, MBA in IT (part-time, 2018) – Thesis title: An Analysis of Data-Driven Decision-Making Capabilities of Managers in Banks
  26. Mohanadarshan Vivekanandalingam, MSc (part-time, co-supervisor, 2017) – Thesis title: Scaling Pattern and Sequence Queries in Complex Event Processing
  27. Sumith Asanka Fernandopulle, MSc (part-time, 2017) – Thesis title: Platform as a Service (PaaS) Aggregator: A Multi-Cloud Library
  28. Frank Warnakula, MSc (part-time, 2017) – Thesis title: Workload and Performance Aware Capacity Planning
  29. Dasun Kehelwala, MSc (part-time, 2017) – Thesis title: Real-Time Fraud Detection in Telecommunication Network Using Call Pattern Analysis
  30. Nishantha Bandara, MBA in IT (part-time, 2017) – Thesis title: Critical Factors Affecting Sales Promotions on Social Media in Sri Lankan Banking Sector
  31. Malithi Edirisinghe, MSc (part-time, 2017) – Thesis title: An Efficient and Scalable Access Review Evaluation Model for XACML: A Subject-Object Graph Based Approach
  32. Charitha Weerasinghe, MBA in IT (part-time, 2017) – Thesis title: Factors Affecting Online Printing Adoption by the Sri Lankan Printing Industry
  33. Nalinda Herath, MSc (part-time, 2016) – Thesis title: Web Information Extraction System to Sense Information Leakage
  34. Manoj Piyumal, MSc (part-time, co-supervisor, 2016) – Thesis title: Peer-Assisted Secure Patch Distribution
  35. Sritharan Nadeshkumar, MSc (part-time, co-supervisor, 2016) – Thesis title: CEP Engine for Embedded Devices: A PoC Using Siddhi
  36. Nadeesha Gayathri, MBA in IT (part-time, 2016) – Thesis title: Enhancing Service Quality at Srilankan Airlines: A Critical Analysis of It Factors and Recommendations
  37. Mahesha Prasadi Mullegamgoda, MBA in IT (part-time, 2016) – Thesis title: Impact of Performance Appraisals on Performance of Software Engineers in Sri Lanka
  38. Nilanga Silva, MBA in IT (part-time, 2016) – Thesis title: Employee Retention Strategies: A Comparative Study of Sri Lanka Offshore Industry
  39. Nuwan Silva, MBA in IT (part-time, 2016) – Thesis title: Critical Success Factors for Tech Start-Ups in Sri Lanka
  40. Lajanugen Logeswaran, MSc by research (2015) – Thesis title: Performance, Resource and Cost Aware Virtual Machine Adaptation
  41. Prabodha Srimal Rodrigo, MSc (part-time, 2015) – Thesis title: Accelerated Complex Event Processing with Graphics Processing Units
  42. Gayanthika Udeshani, MSc (part-time, 2015) – Thesis title: Detection of Weather Anomalies and Events of Interest Using Complex Event Processing
  43. Kumnidu Dias, MBA in IT (part-time, 2015) – Thesis title: Analysis of Software Quality Assurance Profession in Sri Lankan IT Industry
  44. Jeeva Padmini, MBA (part-time, 2014) – Thesis title: Use of Software Metrics in the Agile Software Development Process
Undergraduate Students
  1. Maneesha Gunathilaka, UoM (co-supervisor, 2023) – Project Report: DeFiTrust: A Transformer-Based Framework for Scam DeFi Token Detection Using Event Logs and Sentiment Analysis
  2. Wei Lim, UNSW (2022) – Project report: Characterisation and Generation of Ethereum Transaction Arrivals
  3. Michael Yoo, UNSW (co-supervisor, 2022) – Project report: A Tool for Blockchain Data Extraction
  4. Stefan Gao, UNSW (co-supervisor, 2021) – Project report: A Web-Based Process Discovery Tool for Ethereum Applications
  5. Zhenqi Wang, UNSW (2021) – Project report: Extending JMeter for Blockchain Performance Testing. Source Code
  6. Tharindu Kulasinghe, Lakshan Mamalgaha, and Kalindu Rajapaksha, UoM (2020) – Project Report: Auto-Generation of Data Quality Validating Smart Contracts: A Complex Event Processing Inspired Approach
  7. Usman Haidar, UNSW (2020) – Project report: ScamVis: A Visual Toolkit for Fraud Detection in Blockchains
  8. Guillermo Cobo, UNSW (visiting, co-supervisor, 2020) – Project Report: Visual Analysis of Blockchain Applications
  9. Thirasara Ariyarathna, Prabodha Harankahadeniya, Saarrah Isthikar, and Nethmi Pathirana (2018) – Project Report: Dynamic Spectrum Access via Smart Contracts on Blockchain
  10. Wickramaranga Abeygunawardhana, Shadhini Jayatilake, Isuru Perera, and Sithija Thewahettige (2018) – Project Report: Blockchain-Based Product Traceability Beyond Proof of Existence
  11. Aminda Abeywardana, Uwin Abeywikrama, Dushan Kumarasinghe, and Pivithuru Thejan (2017) – Project Report: iRoads – Smartphone-Based Road Condition Monitoring
  12. Warunika De Silva, Udeshika Sewwandi, Sugeesh Chandraweera, and Isuru Chandima (2017) – Project Report: Web Information Extraction System to Sense Information Leakage
  13. Buddhi Vikasitha, Supun Arunoda, Nilanga Chandrasoma, and Hishara Mudalige (2016) – Project Report: Manipulation Detection in Stock Trading Using Machine Learning
  14. Lahiru Jayakody, Ruchira Dulani, Yamuna Dulanjani, and Dulaj Perera (2016) – Project Report: Rugged Water Level and Flow Meter
  15. Amila Karunathilaka, Pubudu Meththananda, Pasindu Jayaweera, Gayathri Kalani (2015) – Project Report: Driver Behavior Analysis using Vehicular Data
  16. Harishanth Thiraviyanathan, Nirojan Neethirajah, Sivarajan Balakumaran, Sajeevan Alagendirarajah (2015) – Project Report:
  17. Pravinda Perera, Randika Navagamuwa, Nipuna Prashan, M. J. Salih Mohamed Rifath (2015) – Project Report: Pattern Mining Based Automated Query Generation for Complex Event Processing
  18. Malaka Gangananda, Thilina Piyadasun, Buwaneka Kalansuriya, Minudika Malshan (2015) – Project Report: Crime Data Analytic Platform
  19. Ridwan Shariffdeen, Tharindu Munasinghe, Supun Bhathiya, Janaka Bandara (2014) – Project Report: Workload and Resource Aware, Proactive Autoscaler for PaaS Cloud Frameworks
  20. Chamil Chandrathilake, Ruveni Jayawardana, Dulaj Viduranga, Tharindu Hewawitharana (2014) – Project Report: Enhanced Weather Monitoring System: A Complex Event Processing and Machine Learning Based Approach
  21. Isuru Chamara, Chamith Dulanga, Rajind Ruparathna, Tharindu Imesh (2014) – Project Report: Contactless Enabled Payment Solution
  22. Shenal Senarath, Dewmal Anicitus, Nuran kasthuriarachchi (2013) – Project Report: PACOM – Payment Application COmpliance Monitor
  23. Malintha Amarasinghe, Sasikala Kottegoda, Shashika Muramudalige, Asiri Liyana Arachchi (2013) – Project Report: Cloud-Based Driver Monitoring and Vehicle Diagnostic with OBD2 Telematics
  24. Deepal Jayasekara, Vishmi Money, Shemil Hashan, Mohamed Infaz (2013) – Project Report: Resource and Policy Aware Virtual Machine Scheduling in Medium-Scale Clouds
  25. Supun Nakandala, Dinu Sandaru, Hirantha Sankalpa, Sachith Withana (2013) – Project Report: Schema-Independent Scientific Data Cataloging Framework
  26. Madhawa Chandrasena, Aruna Herath, Sandaruwan Herath, Akila Iroshan (2013) – Project Report: API for Diaspora Distributed Social Network