Blockchain Introductory Resources

Something I get asked frequently is “what would be a good resource to learn about blockchain?” While there are plenty of resources ranging from videos, websites, and reports to academic papers, most of these don’t provide a simple introduction to the topic that can be grasped in 20-30 min. Of course, it depends on the background of the reader and what the reader is looking to understand, e.g., if you have a decent idea of programming and cryptography it’s not difficult to start. Also, expectations vary from a student to a developer to a CIO. Yet, you may still struggle if you’re looking for a deeper understanding of a chosen angle. Further, it is important to not get confused and discouraged by too many blockchain designs and so many unfounded claims around blockchains and cryptocurrency. Following is an attempt to list various blockchain resources I have recommended over time to my students, customers, and collegues.

Overview of Technology

  • Introduction
    • TODO
  • Blockchain explorers (i.e., transaction and block search engines)
  • Network analysis


Reports on Implications and Relevance of Blockchain